2x Exalted herald
3x10 warriors, mus, PW
2x5 Flayers, thrown w
2x5 hounds
2x1 chosen chariot, wrath
1x5 barbarian horsemen mus, champ, llance, sh
Feldrak Elder PW

Chosen Lord of Pride, Black Steed, Burning Portent, Potion of Switfness, Idol of Spite, Dragonfire Gem, Dusk Forged, Shield
Sorcerer Master (Evocation), Binding Scroll
Barbarian Chief BSB, Rod of Battle, Willow's Ward, Shield, thrown wep
1x19 Warriors FCG, Relentless Company, Halberds
1x16 Barbarians, Musician, Shields
1x5 Flayers
1x5 Barbarian Horsemen, musician
1x6 Knights, lances, champ, musician
1x5 Chosen Knights of Pride, FCG, Wasteland Torch
3x1 Warrior Chariot

Exalted herald
Chosen Lord of Pride, Black Steed, Burning Portent, Idol of Spite, Dragonfire Gem, Dusk Forged, Shield
Sorcerer Adept
Barbarian Chief BSB, Shadow Chaser
1x10 warriors, banner of speed, FCG
1x16 barbarians, musician
1x9 barbarian horsemen, musician, light lance
1x5 warhounds
1x5 chosen knights of pride, FCG, rending banner
1x5 feldraks, PW, standard, musician

Chosen Lord of Wrath on Dark Chariot; Shield; Burning Portent; Basalt Infusion; Talisman of Shielding; Luck of the Dark Gods
Sorcerer Master; Evocation; Paired Weapons; Book of Arcane Power; Binding Scroll
1x 18 Barbarians; Musician
1x 22 Warriors; Halberd; Standard; Musician; Banner of Relentless Company
2x 3 Chosen Knights of Greed; Musician
1x 1 Feldrak Elder; Great Weapon
2x 1 Marauding Giant; Giant Club

2x Exalted Herald
1x20 Wasteland Warriors FCG, Halberd; Banner of Speed
1x8 Warhounds
2x 4 Chosen Knights of Pride, S, M, Flaming standard
1x 3 Feldraks - FCG,GW
2x 5 Flayers

Chosen Lord of Wrath; Shield; Daemonic Wings; Willow's Ward; Wyrd Stone; Burning Portent; Basalt Infusion
Sorcerer Master; Alchemy; Binding Scroll
1x 18 Barbarians; Musician
2x 7 Fallen
2x 8 Warhounds
1x 5 Chosen of Wrath; Halberd; Musician
1x 6 Chosen of Wrath; Paired Weapons; Standard; Musician; Flaming Standard
1x 8 Chosen of Wrath; Halberd; FCG; Banner of Speed [50.0]
1x 1 Hell Maw
1x 4 Chosen Knights of Pride; Standard; Musician; Banner of Inevitability

Feldrak Ancestor, PW, Supernatural Dexterity
Barbarian Chief, BSB, Shadow Chaser, Shield, Death Cheater
Sorcerer Master; Alchemy; Black Steed; Binding Scroll
3x 8 Barbarian Horsemen, Shield, Light Lance, Musician
1x 8 Warhounds
3x 3 Feldraks, PW, musician
1x 1 Feldrak Elder, GW