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сообщение 05.12.2017, 14:24
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Aspiring Chaos Champion

Warhammer Fantasy
Раса: Warriors of Chaos
Армия: Undivided Horde
Группа: Пользователь
Сообщений: 1 052
Регистрация: 07.10.2010
Из: Москва
Пользователь №: 25 384

Репутация:   205  

Favour of Kuulima
Attack Attribute - Melee:
Right before the battle (during step 7 of the Deployment Phase Sequence), if you have one or more models with Favour of Kuulima, choose 2 units from the opponent's Army List. If playing Warbands choose 1 unit instead. If playing Grand Armies choose 3 units instead.
Attacks from model parts with Favour of Kuulima must reroll failed to-hit rolls with attacks allocated towards models in a chosen unit and against Characters in the same unit as a chosen model.

Favour of Akaan
Attack Attribute - Melee:
Attacks from model parts with this Favour must reroll failed to-wound rolls. This can only be used if the model was Engaged in Combat in the previous Melee Phase.

Favour of Sugulag
Attack Attribute - Melee
The attack gains Battle Focus (against Scoring).
Units that lose a combat while in base contact with a non-Charging opposing model with Favour of Sugulag lose Scoring until the start of the next Player Turn.

Favour of Cibaresh
Universal Rule
Models with this Favour gains Strider.
Enemy units suffer -1 Offensive Skill for each opposing unit in base contact with it that has at least one model with this Favour.

Favour of Savar
Universal Rule
If a unit has at least one model with Favour of Savar, when taking Discipline Tests, roll one additional D6 and remove the highest D6 rolled.

Favour of Nukuja
Universal Rule
Attacks against models with Favour of Nukuja suffer -1 to wound. If a model with Favour of Nukuja Declares a Charge or performs a March Move, this effect is lost until the start of its owner's next Player Turn.

Favour of Vanadra
Attack Attribute - Melee
Attacks from model parts with this Favour gains +1 Offensive Skill in the first Round of Combat. Units with a majority of their models with this Favour must reroll failed Charge Range rolls.
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