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Smaug One-man-army 700, тактика
сообщение 04.01.2015, 22:36
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вот собираюсь прикупить дракончика на 700 поинтов все правила мне еще не до конца понятны но основные характеристики приведены тут http://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PD...obbit_BoTFA.pdf стр 27
прошу олдфагов разъяснить момент применение его спецправил и тактики игры за него в целом
как итог мы имеем М W F
12 Мув-------------- 3 6 0
9 S
9 D
4 A
20 W
6 C
Ancient Evil, Fearless, Fly, Resistant to Magic, Terror.
Breathe Fire: Smaug’s fiery breath has brought death and
ruination to entire cities and countless foes.
Smaug must expend a point of Will to Breathe Fire. Treat
Smaug’s fiery breath as a bow with a range of 18". If the shot
hits, the target and all models (Good or Evil) within 2" of
the target suffer from the Set Ablaze special rule, though
the immediate hit these models suffer is Strength 10 instead
of Strength 9. Fate rolls may be taken as normal to prevent
Wounds, but any model that suffers a Wound from Smaug’s
fiery breath is automatically slain.
Desolator of the North: Though Smaug is known by many
titles for his terrible deeds, it is for the destruction of
Erebor, Dale, City of Men and the surrounding lands that
the Dragon is held in such infamy.
Smaug may expend a single point of Will every turn without
depleting his own store. Furthermore, Smaug re-rolls To
Wound rolls of 1 when making Strikes against Dwarves.
Immovable Object: Smaug’s titanic bulk is such that little
can pose him any real threat.
Smaug cannot be knocked to the ground or otherwise
moved against his will, and never backs away if he loses a
Fight – his opponents must back away, even if they win! As
a result of this, Smaug can never be Trapped.
Missing Scale: Though Girion Lord of Dale failed to slay
Smaug many years earlier, one of his arrows left its mark
If a model rolls a 6 To Hit Smaug with a shooting attack,
then makes a successful roll To Wound, Smaug suffers a
number of Wounds equal to the Strength value of the
missile weapon used by the shooting model.
Unstoppable Momentum: Few creatures exist in Middleearth
that can stand before Smaug’s draconic might!
If Smaug Charges into combat and wins the ensuing Fight,
all his opponents are Knocked to the Ground, regardless of
their size (except a War Mumak of Harad!). Furthermore,
should Smaug choose to make a Barge Brutal Power Attack,
any models forced to Back Away also suffer a Strength 9 hit.
Magical powers Range Casting
Sap will---------12--------4+

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