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Разместил hades_wench, 26.01.2011, 22:25

Mace: Will you be writing anything more of the Thousand Sons in the future?

"читать дальше"
GM: I think there’s certainly scope for another one, but it wouldn’t be for a while. When there’s so many new avenues to explore, it’s often counter-intuitive to go back to folk you’ve dealt with before. The main beats of their story has been told (as it’s known anyway…) and the main biggie of the Rubric doesn’t happen until after the Heresy. I became very attached to the Thousand Sons over the course of the book, so I’d be surprised if I don’t go back to them before it’s all over. I’d love to do a 40k story of Ahriman, where – in his mind – he’s still loyal, and is still fighting to prove that Chaos can be mastered and that the Emperor was wrong to chastise Magnus. Of course, he’s lost sight of the horrors he’s inflicting along the way, but that’s Chaos for you…

Mace: I would love to know if there will be another Iron Warriors book. Do you think the real Fulgrim is still around in the 40k universe, still trapped somewhere inside his painting?

GM: I suspect that Honsou is too bad to stay down for long, but how, where or if he’ll return with an Iron Warriors book is something I’ll need to think about. If there’s a story that he’d be perfect for, then I think he’ll come back. But I won’t bring him back just for the sake of it, only if there’s a good reason for him to be strutting around. As to Fulgrim, his presence in the portrait is something I quite fancy addressing in the Heresy series. Maybe some Emperor’s Children find out about it and, finding the idea repellent, try to do something about it. Not sure, but I think it’s a nice is he/isn’t he dangling hook.

Mace: Will we have more Ventris novels?

GM: You will indeed. The Chapter’s Due was NOT the last book, merely the end of an arc. I have the next three sketched out in my head already, and I can’t wait to get started on them, though it’s likely to be a little while as other projects elbow their way to the front of the schedule queue.



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