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Разместил hades_wench, 17.04.2012, 19:29

по Garro: Sword of truth от L. Goulding'а:

Still not sure about this 'Grey Knights' thing - fans seem to be taking it as absolute fact that Garro and his boys are Grey Knights.

They're not. Jim referred to them in recent interviews as "the Knights Errant" and "Malcador's Chosen". He also said he thinks it's really narrow-sighted to see an M41 institution and assume that it was created right out of the box in M31.

Once again, I draw everyone's attention to the fact that Garro and Loken (and Varren, and Qruze) are not psykers. That is the FIRST requirement for being a Grey Knight.

And seriously, Tarvitz is dead. There will be no resurrection. No magical plot loophole. I have a list of characters which the authors asked me to prepare, to keep track of named characters who are still alive, for use in future stories. Tarvitz is not on it.

He's gone.

Anyone who feels grievance with that should light a candle and move on to REAL problems in the world.

+ еще кусок по хронологии:

And in answer to the popular question - yes there will be an official timeline at some point soon.

And finally, to answer the other question - Calth takes place one year after the Isstvan V massacre (hints can be found throughout KNF, and I personally checked them!) and OoM takes place sometime between six months and a year after that. There is then *an amount of time* (how much? I can't say...) and then LoO takes place. So it is longer than a year. It's slap bang in the Age of Darkness.


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