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Разместил hades_wench, 14.06.2011, 21:04

Warsmith Honsou
и коммент от изобретателя сего вдохновителя девичьих мечт:
Excellent stuff. Keep us updated on his progress, as we haven't seen the last of that reprobate in print. Not by a long shot...

more rumours collected by careful perusal of Facebook comments:

There'll be some Ultramarine goodness soon in audio format (a companion piece to The Chapter's Due) then it might be a bit of a wait...though I've a great idea for a new Honsou story that might lead to bigger things.

It's (audio?) called Eye of Vengeance, and tells the adventures of another famous Ultramarines warrior...

Well, there's the omnibus, which may have some extra goodies inside it... Beyond that, no, we don't know

re: Storm of Iron:
I should go back and read it myself sometime. Everyone keeps telling me they like it... unsure.gif) Oh, and since one of the survivors crops up in a book I'm writing later this year...might be an idea to reacquaint myself with him...
I think that when next we see him, he might be a bit of a lone wolf, but he'll be back with the Warriors of Ironness soon...if he even survived Calth, that is...


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